Noodle Snarf

NameNoodle Snarf
Traits14 – Pakled5 – Merchant (rejected)
RankCommanding Officer (Commander)
AssignmentUSS Mayhew, Starship – Norway Class
Environment11 – Isolated Colony 
Early Outlook18 – Diplomacy (accepted)
Aspiration10 – Discover (pursed) 
Career Length4 – Novice
Career Events5 – Required to take command (training mission: prevent an alien artifact with potentially devastating powers from falling into the wrong hands)2 – Death of a friend (? cause: accidental fall, negligent landlord. Connection: both characters had been reassigned from another posting or group).
FocussesEmotional intelligence Starfleet protocol PrototypingStrategy & Tactics DiplomacyFirst aid
Control 9Daring 9Fitness 9
Insight 11Presence 8Reason 10
Command 4Conn 2Security 4
Engineering 2Science 2Medicine 2
5 – Change is the essential process of all existence 6 – Risk is part of the game if you want to sit in that chair19 – The universe is full of wondrous complexity23 – Nothing that exists is unnatural 
Equipment or other details
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