I’m Wes and this is the blog for my Star Trek Adventures Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game.

I’m an RPGer from the U.K.

Here, you’ll find my actual play missions and also some posts on the game mechanics.

I’ve done some D&G tabletop when I was young. As an adult, I joined a Star Trek RPG group that was a Play By Email group (PBEm) – like a forum game except in email threads.

However, it was a bit of a sprawling, slow paced game and took a lot of time to participate in.

I also missed tabletop games, the chance of the dice and the clear time boundaries of a table top game.

So, I started looking at Star Trek Adventures … but then didn’t know a group to join.

Then, Captain’s Log came out!

It ticked lots of boxes.

 It’s a solo game, focused on narrative building which I’m used to from PBEm, but with the fun of rolling the dice! Plus, I don’t need to wait to find a group to join. And, I can set my own game times.

I got my copy as a Christmas present and jumped in.

I decided to keep a blog of my missions as I play.

All I knew was my ship name and that I wanted to keep my mission in a blog.

Here we are then! The USS Mayhew.

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